Protecting Yourself From COVID-19 Coronavirus Lawsuits

Protecting Yourself From COVID-19 Coronavirus Lawsuits

Are You a Business Owner or a Homeowner? You Could Be a Target of Plaintiff Lawyers in Connection with COVID-19 Coronavirus Lawsuits

We have all seen the lawyer advertising on television for class action lawsuits for people who used Roundup, the weed killer allegedly linked to cancer cases. According to reports from lawyer advertising and referral firms, eager plaintiff lawyers are decreasing their Roundup ad budgets and targeting their ads at people who believe they were affected by COVID-19 Coronavirus. Plaintiff lawyers who file individual cases and class action cases are ready to sue defendant companies and businesses. COVID-19 Coronavirus lawsuits usually allege the defendant’s business was to blame for plaintiffs’ damages and injuries, including death. COVID-19 Coronavirus lawsuits have already been filed against insurance companies, soap manufacturers, insurance companies; meanwhile nursing homes, hospitals, drug companies, retailers, and homeowners are potential targets.

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How Homeowners Can be Liable in COVID-19 Coronavirus Lawsuits

Legal Newsline Article with More Detail: Even Homeowners Could be in Danger of Lawyers Trying to Cash in on Coronavirus

The general rule in common law that applies to most of us, is the homeowners must protect their guests from injuries in their homes. Most of these suits are trip-and-fall lawsuits, dog bite lawsuits, or for injuries someone received from an unsafe condition on your property.

Many years ago, plaintiff lawyers filed lawsuits over HIV infections but many failed because HIV transmissions are deliberate sexual acts and not the inadvertent accidental transmission. In contrast, the COVID-19 Coronavirus lawsuits can be based on a homeowner’s failure to take advice and sometimes court-ordered safety measures to protect others. A homeowner’s liability can be tied to their failure of using masks, social distancing, and so forth.

Homeowners Policies and COVID-19 Coronavirus Lawsuits

Homeowner insurance policies are there to protect homeowners from claims for injuries as well as for damage to their homes. What we do not know is whether homeowners’ policies will cover claims for injuries and or death related to COVID-19 Coronavirus cases. Another problem homeowners may face, their policy limits might not be enough to cover the damages and healthcare bills related to health problems, injury, or death.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Lawsuits and claims are new, and we do not yet know how these suits will be handled and what to expect. Meanwhile, Joseph Wrobel can help homeowners with questions about protecting themselves from lawsuits and financial hardships by using bankruptcy laws.

How Bankruptcy Stops COVID-19 Coronavirus Lawsuits

How Bankruptcy Stops COVID-19 Coronavirus Lawsuits

If a plaintiff lawyer files a lawsuit against you, the Automatic Stay provision of the Bankruptcy Code will stop a lawsuit in its tracks. Whether you protect yourself with a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, the automatic stay is an automatic court order to stop any collection activity including lawsuits, so long as the bankruptcy lasts. Did you know that a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for reorganization lasts for three to five years to allow you to get caught up on debt and repay a portion of debts over that time?

How Bankruptcy Discharges COVID-19 Coronavirus Lawsuit Judgments and Orders for Money Damages

If you are facing a COVID-19 Coronavirus lawsuit and a judgment is entered against you, a bankruptcy case can discharge that money judgment and make it go away forever. Many people think a bankruptcy only knocks out credit card debt and small loans. They should learn that bankruptcy also kicks out lawsuit judgments. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a lawsuit involving liability or claims of wrongdoing is something that you cannot kick out with bankruptcy. The reality is that the bankruptcy code is designed to give people a fresh start regardless of what bad things may have happened leading up to the lawsuit.

Keep Your Home, Keep Your Car and Save Your Valuables with Joseph Wrobel, the Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer

Keep Your Home, Keep Your Car and Save Your Valuables with Joseph Wrobel, the Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer

While there are a few general rules, there might be exceptions, based on the law and your specific situation. A free consultation with Attorney Joseph Wrobel in one of the firm’s Chicago city and suburban locations will help you decide what is the right course of action to protect you and your family in challenging financial times. When you visit the Chicago Bankruptcy Law Firm of Joseph Wrobel, Ltd., you will learn your rights and options so you can determine what is your best next move to protect you and your family. Keep your home, car, and valuables with a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy case. If you are facing a COIVD-19 Coronavirus lawsuit, attorney Joseph Wrobel can advise you or your best options.

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