Some words from clients:

What a relief!
Joe and his team were great. Super helpful. I wish I contacted them sooner. Bruce posted in January 2024

Excellent Attorney
I highly recommend working with Joe Wrobel. His knowledge and professionalism helped me stay calm during the daunting Ch. 7 process, and his attention to detail made me feel confident everything would be handled properly. Joe was responsive to all of my questions in a timely manner and made sure I understood the entire process from beginning to end. I appreciate everything he did to help me navigate through a difficult time. Ron posted in November 2023

Excellent Attorney
I highly recommend working with Joe Wrobel. His knowledge and professionalism helped me stay calm during the daunting Ch. 7 process, and his attention to detail made me feel confident everything would be handled properly. Joe was responsive to all of my questions in a timely manner and made sure I understood the entire process from beginning to end. I appreciate everything he did to help me navigate through a difficult time. Ron posted in November 2023

A Very Pleased Client
Mr. Wrobel handled my case with excellence, detail, attention, and dedication. There were many hours of research, emails during and after hours, careful consideration of what would be in my best interest, and overall great counseling and advice. Mr. Wrobel walked me through the ENTIRE process, and assured me the days ahead would be brighter and that I would be in a better financial position after completing my bankruptcy. I would not have gone through the process with confidence if Mr. Wrobel had not prepared me the way he did. He went above and beyond to assist me, and the manner of professionalism was 5-Star Service. Gwendolyn posted in May 2024

Great lawyer
He is a great lawyer who knows what he’s doing, has fast replies, and communicates. I recommend him to anyone, and it’s worth it. Anonymous posted in October 2023

Easy to work with
Joseph made the whole process super easy. It can be very embarrassing filing for Bankruptcy, but he didn’t make me feel any less. Whenever I had questions, he would respond in some sort of way. Super nice and very effective. Anonymous posted in October 2023

Thank you
He was very down to earth and direct, I appreciate that he was not only friendly, but he didn’t talk in circles but explained the whole situation as simply as possible. Absolutely will consult him with any future legal services required, so long as it is in his field. Oleh posted in October 2023

Great Lawyer!
He gave me excellent advice on what to do in my case, and I would give him 10 stars! Jovan posted in September 2023

Competent, Caring & Committed to his Clients
From the first consultation call to filing my Chapter 13, Joseph was always available, prompt to reply, thorough with his follow through, and patient with my many questions. Chapter 13 isn’t easy, but Joseph made it as painless as possible. I can’t recommend his services enough. Antonette posted in August 2023

Go with Joe
I thank Joseph Wrobel for making my Chapter 7 filing go so smoothly. He was always there when I called with questions. He was very professional and knew exactly what to do at every twist and turn. He walked me through the whole process. Thanks again. Anthony posted in July 2023

Seamless process & ALWAYS AVAILABLE
When considering whether bankruptcy was the best option, I was advised to contact Mr. Wroble. Before hiring Mr. Wroble, he walked me through all of the financial options I had available and advised me on the pros and cons of each. I made a very informed and confident financial decision and never felt pressured or swayed by Mr. Wrobel. Mr. Wrobel and his staff are straightforward, thorough, informative, supportive, and highly communicative; I couldn’t have imagined a more seamless process. If you are considering bankruptcy and need an attorney to help you decide or get you through the process, Mr. Wrobel and his team are recommended! Anonymous posted in June 2023

Jo Wrobel is a genius and easily the most talented lawyer in Chicagoland. I had debt payments twice my monthly income. I called all the big-name law offices in the city, and they all punted my case or told me solutions that ultimately wouldn’t have resolved my problem. Some suggested Ch. 13 would be the only way–I would have STILL been unable to make the payments. A top lawyer told me the only way to get a resolution would be to quit my job and file once I’m jobless (what!!???)! I was on the verge of giving up. Finally, I called Wrobel’s office and instantly knew this was the guy! He deeply understands the law, works meticulously around the clock, and ultimately gets the job done. I got the Ch 7 discharge of my debts a couple of months ago and can finally breathe–I’m saving money for once in my life. And on top of that, my credit score is still in the 700s. Honestly, working with Wrobel’s office was a major win for me. I highly recommend this attorney for your bankruptcy! Kevin posted in June 2023 

Joseph Wrobel is one of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Chicagoland. He’s extremely knowledgeable and has 30+ years of experience in the bankruptcy field. He’s very professional and personable. Took care of our somewhat complicated case. Joseph Wrobel is the right attorney to hire if you’re having financial issues. Anonymous posted in May 2023 

Mr. Wrobel was great. He helped me through a rough time, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help. Linda posted in May 2023 

Great experience with Joseph Wrobel!
I needed an urgent second opinion regarding an existing Chapter 13 case. I chose Mr. Wrobel based on the excellent reviews on this site, and I’m glad I did. He is knowledgeable, efficient, trustworthy, direct, non-judgmental and compassionate. He quickly put my mind at ease with his responses to my questions. My only regret is not choosing him from the start! Anonymous posted in January 2023

Mr. Wrobel makes a difficult situation very easy
I recently hired Joseph Wrobel to represent me in my Chapter 7 filing. He was super responsive and extremely knowledgeable. Joseph answered all of my questions, and most importantly, he didn’t judge my past mistakes. It’s like having a partner looking out for your best interests with Joseph. Joseph is extremely organized, and I guarantee you he is worth it. If you are considering Chapter 7 or 13, you’ll be very satisfied if Joseph is on your side. Anonymous posted in October 2022

Very Responsive!
I’m so glad that I contacted Joseph for my bankruptcy. He’s helped me with this process. I’ve even had a couple of unexpected life changes during the process, and he stepped in immediately to assist me… I’m extremely thankful for his help! I would recommend him to anyone. Nicole posted in September 2022

Business Bankruptcy
We met Joe a year ago, and he has been instrumental in allowing us to keep the doors of our business open. He helped us structure and implement a Chapter 11 subchapter 5 bankruptcy for our business. Without this restructuring, we would have lost what we spent 6 years building. He was always available to answer questions and explain things, and while it was not a fun process to go through, he made it straightforward and understandable. I would highly recommend him. Anonymous posted in September 2022

Amazing, helpful, and very patient
Joseph has been very easygoing and patient throughout the entire process. He went above and beyond to make sure I understood all my options before I continued. Simply the best and made sure I was calm and collected through the entire process. Made what I thought would be difficult very easy. Thank you. Anonymous posted in September 2022

Joe provided excellent guidance throughout this process. Joe was great at explaining each of the steps and was very responsive with answers to questions. Chris posted  January 2022

Great Lawyer!
Absolutely amazing, man! Walked me through the entire process of bankruptcy. Answered all my questions, both big and small, when time allowed. Wish more lawyers were like him. Honest and upstanding character. Adam posted in December 2021

He helped me get through my bankruptcy and gave me peace of mind with the bills piling up. Michael posted in October 2021

I Highly Recommend (Precise)
Joseph Wrobel is a gem disguised as an Attorney. He is very thorough and competent at handling the affairs of the client. Peace of mind comes to mind when I think of Attorney Wrobel. Anonymous posted in September 2021

Highly Recommended
No nonsense law firm. Works with you to get your bankruptcy filed and done. Anonymous posted in September 2021

Excellent advice and experience. He is very experienced and explains many things very succinctly and easily. Anonymous posted in July 2021

I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy 2013 with a different attorney. I contacted Joseph because I have a problem with property I still owed!
Joseph was extremely helpful and explained all my options; he’s very knowledgeable,
Highly recommend it to anyone!
Thank you, Joe, for making my day 🙂 Elwira posted in May 2021

Easy and painless
Joe and his team made the whole process simple. Treated me like a person and explained everything every step of the way. Never had to go to court. Jonathan posted in April 2021

I had a great experience with Joe; he was very patient, helpful, and very respectful of my needs. Patti posted in April 2021

Excellent Service
Excellent lawyer, extremely responsive, and very professional, who made the whole process easy. I highly recommend him! His work is nothing but top quality! Tania posted in March 2021

Highly Recommended
Joseph and his staff are excellent. Throughout the entire process, they were professional, prompt, and always friendly. Joseph gives first-rate guidance on how to complete the entire process. Completely satisfied with our results. William & Lynn posted in February 2021

Look No Further
Bankruptcy is a complex and embarrassing reality. I was incredibly lucky to have been referred to Joe, as he is incredibly knowledgeable on all the legal ins and outs while always treating me with complete, nonjudgmental dignity. That said, he is extremely personable, supportive, and quick to respond to my seemingly endless emails. Due to his experience, I wasn’t his first rodeo, but Joe’s interest in my case was genuine, a trait I am sure he brings to all his clients. And as challenging as it was to go down this road, I would not have wanted to do it with anyone else. I came out on the other side A-OK, thanks to his guidance, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need. Anonymous posted in February 2021

Excellent Law Services
I highly recommend Mr. Wrobel for his excellent law services. Working with him is a warranty that you will get your case resolved 100% without any issues. If I need any other law services, I will ask Mr. Wrobel to represent me again. Anonymous posted in January 2021

Great bankruptcy attorney, thorough, very efficient, and timely! 
Great bankruptcy process from beginning to end since day one. It was an awesome first consultation and very flexible. Thereafter, filing and the rest of the process were easy. uncomplicated, very organized, and streamlined. Would recommend his services. Anonymous posted in November 2020

Bankruptcy Chapter 7
Mr. Wrobel was recommended to me by CJE. I was very pleased with his service, and he ensured I had the correct information I needed. Everything was handled in a professional and timely manner. He prevented any unnecessary hassles before they occurred, bringing my bankruptcy to a successful completion. Ronnie posted in July 2020

Five Stars
Excellent service. He was there whenever we needed him, even after the initial filing. He was patient, courteous, and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him. Made the whole process and the associated angst much easier to bear. Michael posted in June 2020

Knowledgeable and Helpful
He represented me in my bankruptcy case and showed me that it doesn’t have to be a life-wracking experience. Stanley posted in May 2020

Excellent Attorney. So glad I hired him!
Upon my first meeting with Joseph, I knew I didn’t need to look any further; he made me feel comfortable, treated me with respect, and listened. I felt sure he was also the most knowledgeable attorney for me to choose. After hiring Joseph, he made the process as pain-free as possible by clearly explaining every step and ensuring everything went smoothly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Caroline posted in May 2020

Great Service
Joseph was referred to us by a family member, who provided us with excellent service from start to finish. We were nervous when we first filed, and Joseph and his team made us feel very comfortable. We were in chapter 13 for 5 years, and any questions we had throughout the 5 years were answered promptly. I would definitely recommend Joseph. Sharon posted in April 2020

I am recommending Mr.Wrobel with all my heart. Having financial problems and facing an amount of debt made me sick. During such a trying experience as filing for bankruptcy, Mr.Wrobel was like a light of hope. He treated me respectfully, understood all the difficulties, and advised me on the best solution. He is an exceptional lawyer; his knowledge and expertise are amazing. If you ever are in this situation, you will be happy to work with such a remarkable lawyer. Michaela posted in January 2020

Client of Mr Wrobel.
I consulted with and hired Mr Wrobel at the same time. His manner, friendliness, and knowledge of bankruptcy law impressed me. He laid out everything that would occur during the entire course of my Chapter 13 case. Everything happened as he said it would. I know that he and his assistant Linda went out of their way to make it as painless as possible for me. I would highly recommend attorney Joseph Wrobel to anyone needing the best person to handle their bankruptcy case. December, 2019

Efficient and Attentive
I’ve been Working with Joseph for the past 2 to 3 years and my bankruptcy and he was always there to answer my questions and guide me along the way I would highly recommend him for filing for bankruptcy he always made me feel like years and my worries and concerns always were answered in a timely fashion. Anonymous posted in December 2019

Amazing Attorney with a Good Heart
I came across the reviews for Attorney Wrobel, and everything they said was correct. I haven’t been able to sleep thinking about my problems with a really bad attorney I previously hired who filed my case immediately without checking all my information. I decided to email Mr. Wrobel my issues at 2:30 am, and he answered my concerns at almost 6 am. I didn’t have enough money to file with him, but he still answered all my questions, even though I was not his client. He gave me instructions and advice with my situation. I feel trapped right now but at the same time do not want to be involved in the court system. I will recommend Attorney Wrobel to everyone. Jo T posted in October 2019

Excellent Lawyer
We have absolutely no complaints about Joseph at all. He worked with us on getting the bankruptcy behind us as soon as possible & as painless as possible. He really was great! Anonymous posted in September 2019

A Good Partner to Have By Your Side
During a time of personal financial hardship, Joe was very compassionate and diligently explained all my options going forward. After making a decision, he and his team were very supportive and helped navigate my case through the system. It was nice to have someone manage the process, which enabled me to focus on the plan for rebuilding. The fees were reasonable and fair.
A good partner to have by your side during difficult times. Anonymous posted in April 2019

Highly Recommend!
I can’t say enough about Joe. We interviewed several attorneys before we made the difficult decision to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. As soon as I met Joe, I knew he was the attorney for us. He did not make us feel embarrassed about our financial situation. He was understanding, intelligent, and helpful. He walked us through every step of the process. Filing bankruptcy is not something I ever thought I would have to do. Joe made the experience painless. Thank you, Joe! Anonymous posted in March 2019

Bankruptcy Case 
Mr. Wrobel was welcoming, professional, and efficient at all times. He responded in a timely manner to all communications. He kindly and patiently responded to my stress and anxiety with support, assurance, and quick actions regarding my case. All in all, my case went smoothly. My stress and worry were greatly reduced due to my experience with Mr. Wrobel. Based on my experience, I can highly recommend his services. Celestine posted in March 2019

Top Notch!
Mr. Wrobel is EVERYTHING you could ever hope for when dealing with financial hardships. Mr. Wrobel truly is compassionate, tentative, knowledgeable, reasonable, and just a pleasure to work with. It’s always important to hire someone you can trust, who is reasonable, who is available, and of course carries a high level of integrity. Bankruptcy can be very complex and can cause emotional strain. Mr. Wrobel was extremely respectful and patient in answering my 50,000 questions. 3 years out of my BANKRUPTCY recovery, he still helps me when i need him. I can’t thank him enough for helping me rebuild my life.
Thank you Mr. Wrobel, You are my hero! Anonymous posted in August 2018

Chapter 7
Mr. Wrobel is very knowledgeable, experienced, professional, yet compassionate. His advice was excellent. Bankruptcy is an emotionally difficult and stressful situation. Mr. Wrobel eased all my concerns and made the process easy. Anonymous posted in June 2018

Great Experience
Filing for bankruptcy is not something you want to go for it, but Mr. Wrobel was really fantastic! He really spent the time to get to know my case and me. He was very kind and knowledgeable and kept me informed about my case from start to finish. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Igor posted in May 2018

Amazing Lawyer
I went to Joseph for bankruptcy, and he was amazing. The first time I spoke with him at his Orland Park location, he was knowledgeable about the process and answered all my questions. I ended up not going through with it because I wanted to try to keep up with bills before resulting in bankruptcy. A year later, when it just became too hard, I contacted him again…. and he remembered me( I was shocked). There was never a moment when he didn’t get back in touch with me at a reasonable time. He understood how hard this was for me and was with me every step of the way. He is an all-around great person! If you need someone for legal representation, hire him. Kimberly posted in May 2018

My attorney explained how a Chapter 13 bankruptcy would affect me. My attorney, Wrobel, responded quickly through emails and telephone calls. Attorney Wrobel was accessible even on weekends. Aaron posted in February 2018

Joseph Wrobel is An Excellent Bankruptcy Lawyer
My wife and I were looking for a bankruptcy lawyer who had experience because we had a few special situations and one with good reviews who worked in the western suburbs of Chicago. After doing an online search and reading reviews, Mr. Wrobel stood out with more reviews than anyone, and almost all were great. He was able to schedule a meeting with us quickly, as we requested. We met with him, explained our situation, and selected him to represent us. We had the usual debts, plus one debt lawsuit already filed against us, 3 cars in our name, which we wanted to keep, some IRS debt, and a few other things. Mr. Wrobel had answers for all these items. Because of our income, chapter 13 was the way we had to go, but we were able to keep the 3 cars, including two financed, and our home. We only had to meet directly with him a few times, and all other communication was via email. It worked out very smoothly, even when reviewing documents. He handled almost everything and always got back to us promptly when we had questions. If you provide him with what he asks for, as we did, there were no delays, and everything moved along in a timely manner. We really don’t believe any lawyer could have handled our case any better. Anonyous posted in December 2017

Great Services Rendered
Mr Wrobel handled my bankruptcy case. I was very impressed with his honesty and upfront approach to my case. More impressive was his willingness to help me find a solution to my situation rather than dwelling on the situation itself. By working together, we found the VERY BEST program and plan that would resolve my case. Mr Wrobel’s attitude of “You can learn something new everyday.” was extremely appreciated. I am truly satisfied with the services that I’ve received. Thank you sincerely, Mr Wrobel. Reuben posted in November 2017

Mr. Wrobel is an excellent lawyer. My friend referred me. I highly recommend Mr. Wrobel; he gave the best advice and solution.
Thank you for taking care of my case, Mr. Wrobel. Paul posted in November 2017

Awesome Attorney
Attorney Wrobel is amazing. From my initial consultation to the end of my discharge, he was very hands on and made what was a scary process for me, a piece of cake. I’m very thankful to have had him as my attorney. A+ all the way.
RH – Anonymous posted in November 2017

Excellent Attorney
Initially, we had worked with another firm, and during the means test, we ended up with more questions than answers: were the laws that restrictive, why did we find different, contradicting information on the internet, and why were we getting inconsistent answers/figures. My wife asked that I reach out to another attorney. This is where Joseph (Joe) Wrobel walked in. After crunching the numbers and understanding our personal and financial situation, Joe provided options where we could make the best decision for us. He took the time to ensure we understood the pros and cons of each. When we had more questions, he always responded in a timely manner. He always kept in touch and provided friendly reminders when meetings were approaching or paperwork was due. He explained the process perfectly, always identifying what was required of us versus him, etc. Also, he monitored the claim responses and made sure motions were filed on time, saving us money. The difference between him and the other firm was night and day. I highly recommend Joe Wrobel. JW posted in November 2017

First Rate Attorney
We thought for many weeks about declaring bankruptcy and researched many lawyers. We chose Joseph Wrobel because of his years of experience and happy clients. Our initial consultation was free, and we were able to pay at our own pace. He indicated that the filing itself would not take place until payment was completed because all court and filing fees were included in his price, along with his legal fees. We found him friendly and knowledgeable, and we made sure we were prepared through every step of the process. He would say, ‘this will happen, it will happen like so, and you will do this.’ We were never surprised or unsure at any moment. He made what could have been a nightmare a smooth, trouble-free process. I definitely recommend him to anyone seeking a competent bankruptcy attorney. Erin posted in July 2017

Thank you!
I had a great experience from start to end with Joe! The first consult was scary, and he made me feel at ease; he walked me through the entire process and had constant communication. Any question I had was answered in a timely manner. I appreciate my diligence during a hard time in my life. Joe helped me restart my life, and I am forever grateful. Anonymous posted in July 2017

I contacted Mr. Joseph Wrobel on the recommendation of a friend. The initial consultation was very informative. He was very patient and non-judgemental. He reviewed my documents, completed an analysis of my situation, and told me exactly where I stood with filing. Throughout the process, he was available by email, text, and telephone-always being very patient! I had numerous questions as I’d never gone through this before. He always had the answers to my questions. He saw me through to the end with no problems. If you are considering bankruptcy, I highly recommend consulting with Joseph Wrobel. Susan posted in June 2017

Highly Recommend
Mr. Wrobel did a great job for us during our Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He is knowledgeable and was able to explain our options and guide us through each step. He is very approachable, never seeming to be above you because he is the expert. We both felt very relaxed throughout the process, which is a testament to his ability to keep you informed from the beginning consultation to the final letter regarding the next steps after the bankruptcy discharge. Though I hope never to file again, I would hire him if needed. I highly recommend him and his law office if you are considering filing for bankruptcy! Andre posted in July 2017

What more could you hope for?
Joe was kind, patient, understanding, and fair throughout the process. I highly recommend him. Peter posted in July 2017

When we decided we needed information regarding bankruptcy, I emailed Joseph on a Saturday night, expecting an answer on Monday. Much to my shock, I received a response within minutes! We met with him a few days later, and with his patience, kindness, and vast experience, he walked us through the process. I highly recommend him – you can do no better! David posted in July 2017

Great legal services, fair cost! 
I recently went through a bad financial situation and I had to file for bankruptcy, Joe Wrobel made this process a lot easier, he was always willing to answer my questions in a clear, simple, and professional way. My case was flawlessly completed in less than 4 months. Rose posted in July 2017

Chapter 7 guru
Mr Wrobel not only helped me with the process of filing chapter 7 by making me feel at ease but was also very prompt with getting back to me with any and all my concerns. He was very professional and provided much-needed reassurance. Julia posted in May 2017

Joseph Wrobel is the perfect combination of professionalism, patience, and caring. 
I did everything right all of my life. I had excellent credit and paid my bills on time. My husband’s job loss changed that forever. Being in the union, he had to wait years without them finding him work. This destroyed us financially, and I did everything to delay filing, thinking this was the worst decision. I was very wrong. I found Joseph Wrobel online and read positive reviews. I made an appointment and met with him at his office. I was scared to death. He immediately made me feel at ease and feel there was hope for our future. He laid out an easy step-by-step plan for what needed to be done. He was kind, supportive and patient. We were able to do everything over the course of preparing to file over email and phone, and he was always there to answer any questions and help with any concerns. He couldn’t have been more supportive during this very scary time. Had I known he would make this painless, I would’ve filed much sooner. I never once felt like a loser; he was supportive and professional throughout the process. There were times after filing that I was still bothered by collectors, and he immediately stepped in to fix the situation. I have just finished my 4th year out of a 5-year chapter. 13 plan, and he is still there to help me with anything I may need. Other than the initial consultation, I only had to meet with him to complete the filing. Being able to handle everything over email and phone made it very easy for a busy working parent. Filing for bankruptcy was one of the scariest times of my life, and Joseph Wrobel turned it into a positive experience. I will always be thankful. Anonymous posted in March 2017

Great Service
Joseph was very helpful and explained the whole process to us. He made the whole situation a lot less stressful than I thought it would all be. I would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation! Anonymous posted in March 2017

Great Bankruptcy Lawyer 
Mr. Wrobel was recommended by another lawyer that was handling a case for me, unfortunately I lost my case and last recourse was to file bankruptcy. In a very difficult situation he made me feel at ease, explained my options, answered all my questions. Made himself available thru email or by phone. I would recommend him without hesitation. Anonymous posted in March 2017

Hire this man!
Outstanding job done by this lawyer. He explained everything to me first. Walked me through what to expect next and followed through with every question I had during the bankruptcy. Thanks you Joe for your service. Olimpia posted in February 2017

Excellent Lawyer | 5.0 stars
We have absolutely no complaints on Joseph Wrobel. He worked with us on getting the bankruptcy behind us as soon as possible & as painless as possible. He really was great!

September 6, 2019

A Good Partner to Have By Your Side. | 5.0 stars
During a time of personal financial hardship, Joe was very compassionate and diligently explained all my options going forward. After making a decision he and his team were very supportive and helped navigate my case through the system. It was nice to have someone manage the process which enabled me to focus on the plan for rebuilding. The fees were reasonable and fair.
A good partner to have by your side during difficult time.

We hired Joseph Wrobel during one of the worst times of our lives….Bankruptcy. He was very knowledgable and honest. He responded to emails immediately, answered every question we had, no matter how small and always made us feel at ease. From the very first meeting with him until the end of our bankruptcy case, we knew we could depend on him. We’re very thankful for his expertise and would highly recommend him to anyone out there looking for legal assistance.

Scott and Lisa (2013)

Oh My Gosh…This man brought me back from the debt of hell to where I can see light at the end of the tunnel. He kept in communication with me from the time I started with him in 2012 to now. It is because of him that I am beginning to financially be in a good place once again, starting over taking it one day at a time.

Joe came to me by referral of my previous manager. And I will sing his praises to anyone that will listen.

So bottom line, if you need a GREAT (not just good or ok) Bankruptcy attorney, there’s only one decision:


Jay (2013)

This is the most amazing Law Firm. The attorneys are very professional and informative. Very easy to communicate with and feel comfortable doing so. Filing my case was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I was informed of everything I needed to bring before the meeting which made the process even quicker. The case was filed and there were no problems. I would definately recommend ths law firm.


After a high level of personal success and making all of the “right” choices (marriage, home purchase, investing), I found myself twice unemployed from corporate BK and mismanagement in 3 years, zeroed out investment accounts, liquidated 401k to pay an underwater mortgage, and divorced from a spouse that had stopped working and hid massive spending.

Humbled and without options, my first experience with Mr. Wrobel was warm and understanding. It took me 6 months to save the VERY reasonable fee, but I was finally able to secure a lower paying job and to move forward.

Mr. Wrobel prepared me for the possibility I might not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to my new salaried income, but after in-depth analysis I did qualify.  I am grateful he prepared me for the possibility of a different result. Throughout the process he was kind and responsive, answering many questions and providing useful insight.

I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Wrobel.

R. Mitchell

Back in 1992, I was strapped with credit card debt, I was a single parent with rent, a car note and a host of other bills.  I was truly in over-my-head.  After several sleepless nights, and mounting depression — I decided it was time to make a call to get some help.  I went through the yellow pages and came across Mr. Wrobel’s firm.  I gave him a call, they set me up with an appointment right away and within days I had my life back.  It’s been 19 years that Mr. Wrobel helped me and to this day, I am and will always be appreciative of his help.

If you need help, give him and his firm a call, THEY WILL HELP YOU GET YOUR LIFE BACK!


I thank you and your staff for your patience and assistance in this matter.  I will always refer you and your team to others in need.

Reginald B.

Thank you so much for your personal attention to our bankruptcy case. You kept us informed, and really gave us confidence that we had the right man for the job. Your presence and experience made the difference.  Pam and I had to keep cool during this ordeal and it wasn’t easy. We’ve been married for 15 years and have both sat at each other’s death bed, and somehow, we both made it.  It strengthened our marriage and it served us well during this experience. We feel such a debt to you. You are one of our family now.  Thank You again from the bottom of our hearts.

M & Pam
September 2011

P.S. Thank you very much for your service to our country

Thank you, Joseph!  I really appreciate all your help and for making the process so easy.

Doug H, Chicago
September 2011

Joe Wrobel is the best around. He knows more about bankruptcy law than all those fancy commercial lawyers. He works together with his clients and offers the best possible solution.

Anthony, Chicago
July 2014