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Should I buy or rent my home?

Should I buy or rent my home?

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or someone who has previously owned a home, there comes a time you might wonder if it is better to rent or buy your home. Interest rates are scheduled to rise this year and realtors suggest this is a good time to buy. What if you are not ready to buy and cannot decided if you should buy or rent?

If you are rebuilding your credit score and hear about increasing interest rates, consider that taking an extra year or more to increase your credit score and buying power should cause you to have a lower interest rate, compared to getting into a mortgage where your credit just barely qualified for the loan. More money down can also be a benefit worth waiting to buy and renting a little longer.

The cost of home ownership in the Chicago area

While you are building equity when you own a home, there are all kinds of extra costs and expenses that can outweigh building equity. For example, if you buy an older home you may be spending money on replacing the roof, furnace, water heater, or air conditioner. If you had been renting you would have simply made a call to your landlord for those repairs.

Taxes are also an expensive part of your monthly mortgage payment, when taxes and home insurance are included in your monthly payment. That said, you can also claim a tax deduction for property taxes paid up to the new $10,000 limit.

Alternative ways to invest for retirement

Say you can afford to buy a new home but not where you want to live. Have you considered keeping your rental home in Chicago and buying a new home in Will County to lease to a renter? A new home with few needed repairs can be an excellent investment, especially in the collar counties where there is new growth and anticipated increases in future property values.

By the time you are ready for retirement you may want to go live in that home in Will County or sell it and take your equity to wherever you plan to retire.

If you have questions about making the right financial moves, regardless of whether you have had or will ever a have a bankruptcy, a consumer finance attorney at Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. is happy to help steer you in the direction of financial success.

Should I buy or rent my home?
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What should I do with the car or truck I cannot afford when I want to file for bankruptcy?

Reaffirm that car loan; you might have a good interest rate you do not want to lose. Too many people incorrectly assume that filing for bankruptcy protection means that you have to give up every possession and asset you own. This is not true. Every day there are individuals who file for bankruptcy protection, everywhere from rural farm towns to big cities. Whether your crops completely failed or you were run down by a limo on the way to a business meeting, bad things happen to good people. When your earning capacity is temporarily or permanently impaired, the bill collectors start swarming like vultures. When you finance your car or truck and fall behind on the payments, the big vultures are ready to swoop in and carry it away if you do nothing to protect the interest in your car.

There are exemption amounts in every state that allow you to keep up to a certain valued amount of personal property and assets, including equity in your vehicle, the amount that is paid off. When it comes to that car you finance, it is not your asset until it is paid off and in your name, and meanwhile all you may have is equity in the vehicle if it is well on the way to being paid off, as opposed to you owing more than it is worth. To learn more, read our blog, Bankruptcy Exemptions in Illinois.

There are a few options for financed cars and trucks when you fall behind or consider bankruptcy.

Got buyer’s remorse? That new “keep up with the Jones” model you absolutely had to have, might feel like more of an albatross when it comes to the monthly payment. Maybe your temporary financial condition makes you wish you never got that car in the first place, and if that is the case, you can surrender it to the trustee or finance company and include any deficiencies in the bankruptcy, whether you file for Chapter 7 (full discharge) or Chapter 13 (reorganization).

If you like the car or truck, or maybe have an excellent interest rate or a decent amount of equity and the equity is more than the exemption allowance, reaffirmation is a good idea. A reaffirmation agreement is just what it sounds like, a contractual agreement between finance company and you the borrower that you promise to keep current with the payments on the vehicle and to keep it excluded from the bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy filing will need to list the vehicle and financial details, including the reaffirmation agreement, to keep everything straight with the court and trustee.

If you have a good deal on your car or truck loan, you might want to reaffirm and keep it.

Remember that your ability to get new credit for a car or truck loan could be limited for a short period after a bankruptcy, and if you do not have a decent down payment then your interest rate could be high, until you are able to refinance the loan. For more on credit repair, read our blog, Credit scores, cards and reports: What you might not know.

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