Side Hustles for Extra Income: Put Money in Your Pocket Now

Side Hustles for Extra Income: Put Money in Your Pocket Now

Best Side Hustles for Extra Income

The Internet and technological development create new opportunities for people to start side hustles for extra income. Economic uncertainty and the increased cost of living with inflation make it difficult for many people to keep up with their bills and save money. Most people who have savings are using that money to pay more expensive utility bills, groceries, and gas at the pump. While cutting expenses is a way to make money stretch further, an extra income source can make a big difference when you put money in your pocket now.

It is exciting to take a risk at an extra income source. Some people find it so fulfilling that they find opportunities to expand their side hustle which can overtake their main source of income. That is a great problem to have. The side hustle economy is important and with so many opportunities to make money, it is enticing to start a side hustle for extra income, especially with the holidays coming up.

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Event Setup and Breakdown

Weddings and events at venues require setting up and breaking down tables, chairs, linens, audiovisuals, flowers, and décor. After a wedding reception ends and the guests leave, the breakdown teams go to work removing everything. Earlier in the day, a team of people arrived to set everything up for the event, making it perfect.

These jobs are found by networking on social media or talking to people in the event industry. On Facebook, for example, look for a group of people and vendors who serve the wedding and event industry and start asking for set up and break down work. These are gig-based jobs and most people get paid per job as independent contractors. Many people pay using cash apps so it’s quick and easy money.

Freelance Writing and Graphic Arts

Content is important in digital marketing and there are plenty of opportunities to write content and create great-looking graphics that are needed in many industries. If you have never been a writer, don’t worry, and if you’ve never been an artist, don’t worry. Even without writing and art in your background, your experience in life and work can be a benefit to others who need your knowledge.

For example, consider something like camping and hiking. Surprisingly to some, there are endless paid opportunities to write about camping and hiking, and graphic arts that can be used in content marketing by websites and companies looking to attract people who like camping and hiking. The more niche interest, the more money people can charge for their expertise and knowledge. Work from home and make extra money with a freelance writing side hustle.

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Grocery and Food Delivery

Some people love going to the grocery store or running out to pick up food. Others would rather never leave the house to run errands or buy groceries or food. You can get a side hustle to make extra income working for any one of the companies in the business of app-based shopping and ordering groceries and food. Delivering groceries and food delivery can be a low-stress side job to make more money and get some time to yourself.

Additionally, there are plenty of people who do the shopping for the groceries and food items people order for delivery. The big grocery stores and restaurant chains would increasingly use third-party apps and their contracted workers to fill and deliver orders. Start looking online for grocery and food delivery jobs and start making extra income to get ahead of bills and add to savings.

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List Extra Rooms and Spaces on Short Term Rental Sites

People have taken in room renters for years and that is nothing new. But now there are plenty of websites that make it easy to list your home, space, or extra room for short-term rental. Empty nester parents have found that their now empty bedrooms can be worth extra income. The commercially popular websites for short-term room and home rentals have policies and procedures to ensure the best experience for the owner with a room to rent.

When the enterprising person tests the waters in the short-term rental hustle, they might get the idea to expand on their current plan and do a little more. Imagine they start seeing more opportunities right under their nose. Instead of selling an aging relative’s home when it becomes an issue, consider keeping the home and using it as a rental. This could be a great opportunity for the right people.

Ride Share Driving and Delivery Jobs  

Now that we gladly take rides from strangers, we can make money being the ones driving them where they need to go. Being a friendly ride-share driver can be a fun way to meet and talk to interesting people and make extra income. While some people cannot handle the idea of strangers being in their vehicle, others have no problem with it and understand the value of work and making money with a ride share side hustle.

Delivery jobs are not limited to organized food and delivery companies. As we considered the event setup and breakdown jobs, we know that rented equipment may need to go here and there, and there is a budget to pay the delivery drivers. This is something anyone with a vehicle and a website can also do. Plenty of people with pickup trucks can get on social media and offer their services. Be cautious about insurance and liability of course, in this and other side hustles and gig economy work.

Testing Apps, Websites, and Taking Surveys

Get paid to test new apps, and websites, and take surveys for market research. Consumer and political research companies spend money paying people for their opinions about people, places, and things that are sold and leveraged in consumer markets and politics. In many of the paid surveys and website tests, the recipients are thanked and paid, not knowing where their input will be used, and they are fine with that. When looking for some extra income from the comfort of one’s couch, why not get paid to share your opinion?

Simply search for one of the many websites that collect willing survey and test subjects and complete a profile. Telling more about yourself and your interests and background will help you get matched with the right opportunities to make extra money with this easy side hustle.

Transcribing Audio and Video

One might assume all audio and video are automatically transcribed by artificial intelligence technology, but there is still a need to generate manual transcripts of audio and video. Like proofreading and other freelance writing gigs, transcription services are available online for people looking for extra work from home.

Creating audio and video can be a great extension of a transcription service job. Learning what opportunities are out there comes from getting experience doing new things that other people need while working different side hustles for extra income.

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