Everyone might want to know what most people experience when filing for bankruptcy protection

Filing bankruptcy will provide debt relief, eliminate bill problems and stop creditor harassment.
Filing bankruptcy will provide debt relief, eliminate bill problems and stop creditor harassment.

All clients at Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. will meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will help them evaluate their entire current and near future financial picture to determine which chapter of bankruptcy protection (Chapter 7 or 13 most often) would help solve the client’s financial crisis. If it does not make sense to file a bankruptcy petition, clients will be offered other financial and credit repair options. Clients who are ready to proceed are given a list of instructions on what to do next so the attorneys can move forward with the bankruptcy with very little further action required of the client.

Everyone deserves a fresh start and most people who have already received a bankruptcy discharge would tell you the experience was more comfortable than expected.

Most people are not going to find out you filed for bankruptcy protection unless you tell them. While some local papers in smaller towns might print the names of local residents who have a bankruptcy filing, most of the clients in the Chicagoland area will proceed through bankruptcy without friends and neighbors knowing.

Most of your debts will be eliminated if you file a petition for a Chapter 7 discharge. Certain debts, as a Joseph Wrobel, Ltd., attorney will tell you, cannot be discharged. Examples of non-dischargeable debts include student loans, child support and maintenance.

Want to stop the annoying phone calls by credit card companies and bill collectors?

Most of the annoying collection phone calls will stop. While bankruptcy cannot eliminate all unwanted phone calls, the collection agencies who love calling during lunch and dinner will have to stop bothering you because of the “automatic stay” provision. While the bankruptcy case is active, there is a federal order of the bankruptcy court that “stays” (prohibits) collection activity including those annoying phone calls.

Most of your personal belongings, your car, 401(k) account, and the equity your home can still be yours after a bankruptcy discharge. If you live in the State of Illinois, there are homestead exemptions allowing you to keep equity in your home, a vehicle and other personal property up to a certain amounts. When you have certain assets worth more money than exemption limits, and when you have assets you consider irreplaceable, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will give you options not included in the Chapter 7 full discharge most people think about when considering bankruptcy.

Anyone can make a full financial recovery from a bankruptcy in less time than many people think.

Most people can get credit cards (pre-paid credit and debit cards are easy to obtain) and buy homes and cars on credit within a few years of a bankruptcy discharge. Do not think that a bankruptcy means you are giving up and throwing in the towel. By eliminating debt you were never going to be able to pay, you get fresh start to rebuild your assets and credit rating, a fresh start.

The attorneys at Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. are available to talk to you and answer most of your questions over the phone and will treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve, despite their temporary financial circumstances. If you want to learn more about bankruptcy and credit management, contact an attorney at Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. The firm’s website contains informative videos about financial issues as well as bankruptcy protection for families who want a fresh start. To keep in touch and read about consumer finance news and stories you can Like the firm’s Facebook page and Follow Joseph Wrobel. Ltd. on Twitter. If you need legal assistance, please call Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. by dialing (312) 781-0996 to talk to an attorney.