Bankruptcy Basics: What Happens at the Free Initial Consultation

What may seem to be the simplest of cases turns out to be more complicated than a client can imagine. Filing a bankruptcy on your own is pennywise and pound foolish. The peace of mind of knowing the case is done properly from the outset is worth far more than the cost of the attorney fees. Our consultations are always free.

Chicago bankruptcy and consumer credit attorney Joseph Wrobel shares news and updates in bankruptcy law as well as business and consumer financial matters. It has been documented that financial troubles can cause all sorts of ailments, the most common of which is sleeplessness. Joseph Wrobel helps clients alleviate their anxiety created by the inability to pay bills and the embarrassment of financial distress.


Topics and types of FAQ covered in this 30 minute show:

  • How to prepare to come in and meet with an attorney for an initial consultation;
  • What to expect to discuss with the attorney and what you will need to do next;
  • The attorney’s role in the process of meeting for a bankruptcy consultation;
  • What next steps a person can take to prepare to file for bankruptcy protection.

Joseph Wrobel has been a practicing attorney since 1973 and has experience in a wide variety of law relating to legal matters for individuals and families. Wrobel helps clients get out of debt and get a fresh start. He is an active member in several bar associations and the Bankruptcy Panel of Pro Bono Program of the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services. After serving the U.S. Army Reserve 363rd Civil Affairs Unit, Wrobel earned a B.A. in Psychology from Northwestern University and in 1973 he earned a JD from DePaul University Law School.