7 tips for saving money during the holidays

Who has not gone overboard with spending during the holiday season? Buying lavish gifts and throwing huge parties is fun and many of us enjoy the things money can buy. In January, when the bills come due, some of us have just a little guilty shopper’s remorse. Instead of putting yourself in debt and burden to provide what we have been told is a good holiday season, why not make the effort to have more meaningful holidays and celebrations without burdening ourselves with debt and financial struggle?

Regardless of your financial position, consider these 7 tips on being thrifty while still enjoying friends, families and the holidays:

  1. Decide how much you can spend with a holiday budget and pay cash for purchases. We may all enjoy giving our friends, family and neighbors the moon and the stars, the thought of giving and receiving can be done without spending a fortune. Make a list of all the people you want to give gifts and apportion a fixed amount of money you can afford. When you stick within a budget, the price tags might decrease and finding a thoughtful gift on a budget can be enjoyable and less stressful.
  1. Do things together with others and meet up at a local restaurant for a holiday party instead of hosting your own. When celebrating the holidays with the people you love is your focus and priority during the holidays, find a place you all can meet up and share stories and exchange gifts and conversation. As most people bring a small gift to the host of a party, they could spend that money on buying their own holiday food and drink at a local spot everyone loves.


  1. Make gifts for friends and family that will mean more and be appreciated. Do you ask yourself what to get for the person who already has everything? Would they be insulted if you made them a holiday dessert or some candies? Do you know how to paint or make candles? There are so many ways we can use our talents and make our own gifts for others. The time and effort put into homemade gifts can make them more meaningful than anything you could buy at a store.


  1. Take a drive, go look at holiday lights and decorations, and create traditions. When we look back at the holidays and see pictures of loved ones together, the times enjoying the holidays may be what re remember, not the gifts we gave or receive. Most of us cannot exactly recall what gifts were given or received, but we can probably remember who was there. Whether it be taking a drive to look at holiday lights or going bowling with friends and family, the traditions we enjoy make the holidays special, and those traditions do not have to cost a lot of money.


  1. Send holiday gifts just before New Years and take advantage of the sales. Instead of losing sleep over the time it takes the mail to bring presents to our loved ones out of town, send a gift closer to New Years and take advantage of the sales and the extra time for shipping. Waiting until New Years can also make your good holiday wishes stand out more instead of being in the shuffle during the busiest times.


  1. Make phone calls, reach out and touch someone, and save the postage and the cards. When working with a holiday budget, consider trimming the cost of holiday cards and postage and pick up the phone. You can communicate so much more by talking to someone to love and wish good tidings. Alternatively, some people like to send emails, and when you take the time to send individual emails, you still have the opportunity to connect and receive a quicker response than the delayed card from the person who was not necessarily anticipating yours.


  1. Take a vacation during the holidays and create memories instead of buying gifts. If you have younger children, it might be fun to tell them that there may be fewer gifts coming this year because the family is going on a fun vacation together. Family vacations destinations over the holidays could be anything from a resort to the home of friends or relatives who live in a neat place you otherwise do not have the chance to enjoy.

We do not have to break the bank or go into debt to take advantage of these cost saving ideas that can allow us to enjoy the holidays and our loved ones on a reasonable budget.

The attorneys and staff at Joseph Wrobel, Ltd., wish everyone a happy holidays and best fortune in the New Year. In the event your New Year resolutions include stopping bill collectors and payments that prevent you from living a good life, we can help.

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