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February 2016 Chicago Bankruptcy Question and Answer Podcast with Joseph Wrobel

Chicago bankruptcy and consumer credit attorney Joseph Wrobel shares news and updates in bankruptcy law as well as business and consumer financial matters. It has been documented that financial troubles can cause all sorts of ailments, the most common of which is sleeplessness. Joseph Wrobel helps clients alleviate their anxiety created by the inability to pay bills and the embarrassment of financial distress.


Sample questions answered in this 30-minute show:

  • What is the minimum amount of debt required to file for bankruptcy?
  • Will my fiancée’s student loan debt become my debt once we are married?
  • Can my spouse be sued for debts, or her assets seized I owe if I file for bankruptcy alone?
  • Can a chapter 13 bankruptcy help me reduce my monthly student loan payments?


Joseph Wrobel has been a practicing attorney since 1973 and has experience in a wide variety of law relating to legal matters for individuals and families. Wrobel helps clients get out of debt and get a fresh start. He is an active member in several bar associations and the Bankruptcy Panel of Pro Bono Program of the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services. After serving the U.S. Army Reserve 363rd Civil Affairs Unit, Wrobel earned a B.A. in Psychology from Northwestern University and in 1973, he earned a JD from DePaul University Law School.

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The Wrobel Q&A: A mixture of real bankruptcy questions and answers

The bankruptcy laws have changed over recent years. Notably, the 2005 amendments to the bankruptcy code made it significantly more complicated for people interested in filing bankruptcy. Where it used to be easier to qualify for a Chapter 7 (discharge) bankruptcy, the means testing required under the changes to the bankruptcy code now limit some people to Chapter 13 (reorganization) if they do not meet the new requirements for the traditional Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Since the laws have changed, people we know who had a bankruptcy more than 10 years ago likely had a different experience than people today. Additionally, since there is a variety of legal and financial details in most of our lives, the answers to many bankruptcy questions are complex and those answers depend on how an individual’s situation lines up with the complex system of laws known as the Bankruptcy Code.

Attorney Joseph Wrobel answers real peoples’ anonymous questions about bankruptcy.

Because the Bankruptcy Code is complex and every individual and family may have a complex amount of legal and financial questions, Attorney Joseph Wrobel spends some of his time answering real questions and giving real answers, to the best of his ability. His response often suggests there are more questions he would first need to ask a potential client to give them fair and honest answers to their questions. Even though the details in these questions and answers might be different from your potential questions, there may be some recurring types of questions and answers that can help you or a friend understand some of the basics about how Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and the automatic stay provisions of bankruptcy work to help people keep their car, home and get a fresh financial start.

It is important to note that these questions and answers are anonymous and we never know the identity of the person who submits these bankruptcy questions that come from a variety of sources. Attorney Wrobel answers the frequently asked bankruptcy questions in a few formats including the Wrobel Q&A on the ChicagoBankrtupcy.com website. On the Wrobel Q&A page the real questions are printed along with the best “lawyer answers” Attorney Wrobel can offer, given the information provided.

The Internet radio podcast show about bankruptcy and FAQs is never dull.

Another online tool Attorney Wrobel uses to respond to real bankruptcy questions is the Internet podcast channel, also hosted on the Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. website on the page titled, Joseph Wrobel on Blog Talk Radio. Here at the firm we sometimes say, “Listen to the FAQ podcast while you clean your desk at work or at home preparing dinner or folding laundry.” The situations that come up in the questions and the longer explanations on our monthly podcast program are very interesting. We are never surprised by some of the complex situations some folks have. There are always going to be others who have it better and worse of compared to our own financial or legal situations.

If you have an anonymous question to ask about bankruptcy laws and how they can help you stop some annoying creditors and get your finances back on track, you have a few options:

(1) You could always do nothing and hope you win the lottery, and for that we wish you luck;

(2) Go ahead and submit your anonymous question for Attorney Wrobel to answer on an upcoming Internet radio podcast or on the Wrobel Q&A page by using the Locations & Contact page on the website; or

(3) Call Joseph Wrobel, Ltd., directly at 312-962-4941 and ask to speak to an attorney, or send your question in an email to j.wrobel.ltd@chicagobankruptcy.com and we will respond quickly to help you out.

Bankruptcy consultations are free of charge and if we can help you at Joseph Wrobel, Ltd., we will let you know how and what you can expect if you decide to take advantage of the bankruptcy laws to stop the creditors and get back on track to financial success.  

Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. helps people get control of their finances and a fresh start at financial freedom. The firm’s website contains informative videos about financial issues as well as bankruptcy protection for families who want a fresh start. To keep in touch and read about consumer finance news and stories you can “Like” the firm’s Facebook page and “Follow” Joseph Wrobel. Ltd. on Twitter. If you need immediate legal assistance, please call Joseph Wrobel, Ltd. by calling (312) 781-0996 to talk to an attorney today.