Khan Academy: Can it help you make more money?

Bank of America TV ads draw attention to their partnership with the Khan Academy, the non-profit educational organization on a mission to provide “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.[i]” The Khan Academy was founded by former hedge fund analyst, Sal Khan, born and raised in Louisiana and with an impressive resume and educational background. Khan, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Google, is now being recognized as a household name since so many large companies are getting involved to fund this non-profit website offering education to anyone, anywhere, at no charge.

Khan Academy is a different kind of education website and as more people learn about it, they are sharing why they spend time on the site.

Critics of online education frequently suggest there is no substitute for traditional classroom settings with interactions among students and teachers. This site is not part of that grudge match, because Khan Academy does not pitch itself as a substitute for degreed education programs and universities, rather it is a free resource for people who want to learn specific information on their own time and pace and from wherever they access Khan Academy, such as from any computer or mobile device.

What you can learn on Khan Academy is seemingly unlimited. Right now, the site offers education resources in the form of video tutorials, lectures, problem solving exercises, social comment, and interaction chats where you can ask any question and others may offer their input. The subjects available to Khan Academy students include just about everything taught in traditional pre-college level education and beyond.

You can use some of the lessons in Khan Academy improve at work, study for a promotion or start your own business on the side.

Being well into a career does not mean there is no need to continue pursuing education. In fact, the most successful careers involve frequent continuing education in specific areas. Not having gone to college should and not having time do enroll in night school should not be a deterrent to people who want to learn more and get ahead at work or get a better job.

The entrepreneurship focus on the Khan Academy website is significant. Many well-known CEOs are contributors to the library of lessons and content available free on Khan Academy. See Interviews with entrepreneurs for personal lessons.

Community questions offer a forum, we hope everyone takes seriously, to ask and get answers.

A recent question posted on the Community Questions page for entrepreneurs reads, “At what point in the business is it big enough to get a professional accounting service.” One response to the question suggested the person consider setting up an internal accounting department. The first person might next do some research about hiring a part-time employee with accounting experience. If that part-time employee only works a few hours a week it could be more affordable than outsourcing those tasks.

Remember, knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you can see new options to make more money and get a better job and career. Sometimes people need to change gears in life and pursue a career in a new direction. Sites like the Khan Academy can be useful springboards to new opportunities.

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