Choosing an affordable college

Choosing an affordable college and creating an employable foundation is a key to success. In 2017 there is one thing that seems certain and that is change. The rise and fall of professions and the volume of applicants for certain jobs can put a college graduate in a rough spot. Especially if you have a specialized education in a competitive and sometimes saturated market, it can be difficult to compete with others who have even more education and connections. The concept of earning a degree and being due a job in your field is yielding the right of way to making smarter and arguably safer choices and choosing an affordable college.

Bankruptcy Attorney Joseph Wrobel earning a degree and being due a job in your field is yielding the right of way to making smarter and arguably safer choices with your time and money.
Bankruptcy Attorney Joseph Wrobel

Will the career you are going to school for exist in 20 years when you are still paying off student loans?

Consider careers in nursing versus computer programming. While the programmer may be easier to train in new IT careers, the specialized degrees may not be as valuable in the future, especially when you consider technology and how quickly things change. For tech lovers choosing an affordable college, there are many local community college programs offering certificate programs in the foundation skills a tech industry worker needs to be able to continue learning and training on new technology as it develops.

Nursing, however, will always be necessary. For anyone committed to a nursing career, the time and money spent on a reputable college nursing degree may be worth your resources. That said, what if you decide down the road that nursing is too stressful, and you want to make a career change. Ask yourself what your base education is worth in other careers and industries and will you need to go back to school for more education and training?

Do you need to work full time, or can you take more time to pursue your education while keeping food on the table? Choosing an affordable college sounds like a smart idea. 

When some people go to school full time they take on extra student loans to pay for housing and living expenses because they are not working during college. While some students are living on their parent’s support and have the luxury of not working and not taking additional student loans, they not be better off if they do not maintain a job and work ethic while in school. For many students, the flexibility of part-time and online course alternatives makes it easier to work and go to school. It may take longer to finish your education, but you can help pay towards your tuition while you are going and will have significantly less student loan debt when you graduate.

Know what you are getting into when you take financial aid and student loans to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Have you ever read the fine print when buying a car? You may nod your head and just sign on the dotted line. When you do this with student loan financial aid packages you might be putting yourself in the path of a bad deal and significant consequences if for some reason you are unable to make your regularly scheduled loan payments.

We recommend reading this CNBC article, How to pick a college that won’t leave you with a mountain of student loan debt to read some of the alarming facts and figures that might prompt you to play closer attention to what may seem like free money at the time.

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