5 ways to save money as business activity picks up now that the elections are over

Business and the economy generally, tend to slow down during election cycles. People are not spending as much money in retail stores and they seem to not make large purchases when the media tells them various reports about the state of the world and our country. It is also common for employers not to be hiring as many new employees during the tail end of an election cycle. Why does everything slow down? Humans do not like uncertainty. In a world of uncertainty, the natural reaction is to hold onto what you have and wait out the doubt. When the dust settles, and it always does, business and the economy picks up again and people have more money.

Here are a few things you can do to have a positive attitude to lead to new financial success:

  1. Apply for a new job.

Even if you are doing well, you can look for a job that makes more money. The most employable people are the ones who are happily employed. Of course, keep your job hunt quiet, don’t jeopardize your current position. If you are unemployed, remind yourself that the election is over and companies are going to start hiring again. Keep a positive attitude and you will find the perfect job you love.

  1. Start your own business.

While you keep your primary job, find a way to make some new money with a side business, assuming your employer allows it. You could do something as simple as making bird houses in the garage and sell them online. There are all kinds of work from home small business opportunities that require little to no startup money or inventory.

  1. Refinance your home.

There are more and more new finance companies finding new and creative ways to refinance your mortgage and save some money. When it comes to refinancing, we often assume the answer will be negative or it will take too much time and hassle. It is a good idea to ask your friends on social media for referrals to financial professionals who can help you work on refinancing.

  1. Do a credit cleanup.

There are credit repair companies, not to be confused with debt consolidation companies, who use sophisticated methods to dispute zombie debt and incorrect negative information on your credit reports. For less than the cost of a vacation, you can pay a professional to help boost your credit score so you can save money and have the credit available when you need it.

  1. Renegotiate your utilities.

You never know when your electric companies, cell phone and Internet providers have special deals. All you must do is call and ask a customer service person if there is any way you could save money on your bill. Sometimes people end up paying late and end up with increased rates and never realize it. The more you talk to the people at the utilities, the better you can learn how they charge and how you can save money.

When we focus on thinking positively and taking small steps towards financial success, we can start achieving our goals. Sometimes it is slow making progress, but when you set reasonable goals and start seeing results, it reinforces your willingness to keep at it, until you have whatever you want in life.

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